Simplifying decision-making

We help Emergency Services improve their operational response at the scene of the incident, with our software, IRIS Core.




Paul Dunnell

Station Commander Binley Fire Station

We are excited to announce this fantastic collaboration with Unblur. It will involve a six-month proof of concept period introducing a new approach to incident management, command and control and command support. We also anticipate significant improvements to firefighter safety and post-incident learning. Ultimately, this is about supporting our assertive, effective and safe response to incidents for the benefit of our communities, making the West Midlands safer, stronger and healthier.


Romero Durscher

Vice President of Public Safety at Auterion

During a time when making fast and strong decisions really mean the difference between protecting life and property and risking injury or death to someone, it’s very clear that actionable data in an easy to digest form, is needed.

Unblur has taken on the task to create a simple and seamless integration of software into existing systems to really add and share information in real-time, making it accessible to all responders deployed. This approach fits into our Auterion ecosystem approach and ultimately, brings a lot of value to the first responders


Dominik Wellman

Managing Director for The Fire Service College

We believe that systems such as IRIS Core will enhance our incident command and command support courses. By incorporating technology that is changing how emergency incidents are managed, and by linking IRIS Core to our XVR simulation platform in a training environment we will increase the accuracy and immersive nature of our command exercises creating an even more realistic experience for our learners.


Chris Davies

Chief Fire Officer of Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

I am confident this work will significantly improve the way in which crews operate at complex and challenging incidents, whilst also making them safer and delivering better outcomes for the communities we protect. I am also extremely interested in seeing the advances in post incident learning and investigation the IRIS Core solution will provide us.


Jon Laight

Group Commander | North District Commander for Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service

We are Incident Commanders, and we need support to be able to make sure we do a great job, and this is what Unblur does. This is what the IRIS system does, it provides the command support, structure and innovation we need to enable us to do Incident Command.


decision making

IRIS is a software that centralises all data and tools in one single place allowing Incident Commanders to obtain real-time situational awareness and coordinate the teams in a simpler and safer way

The Challenges



and liability


The Solution

Why IRIS Core?

Situational Awareness

Incident Commanders have to process large amounts of unfiltered and fragmented information to manage an incident. By centralising and displaying everything, IRIS Core eliminates mental saturation, making it easy to control and lead any sized incident.

Tech Integration

IRIS Core integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, connecting all key elements of an incident in one single place. Integrate both tactical and operational teams and all sorts of technology tools used during an incident to know exactly where everyone is and what tasks are being completed.

Crew and Multiagency Coordination

The IRIS platform allows you to add and share information in real-time, making it accessible to all responders deployed. The control rooms, strategic committees and other agencies, deployed at the incident can access and work with the same operational picture

Post Incident Intelligence

All decisions and forms are automatically generated, before, during and after the incident. Having the entire incident logged facilitates post-incident reporting and is available for learning, training, and training.

For Whom

Accessible to every organisation

For any organisation protecting citizens, property of the environment,  Fire Services, SAR, Civil Protection, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Private Security, Critical Infrastructures.