Iris Core

IRIS is a software that centralises all data and tools in one single place allowing Incident Commanders to obtain real-time situational awareness and coordinate the teams in a simpler and safer way.

Mobile / Tablet

IRIS Tactics

Bridging Tactical and

Operational Commanders

IRIS Tactics is a communication bridge between resources deployed on the field and the avdvanced command center or strategic teams.


Save Data

Analitycal Risk

Automatic Generated Reports


Decision Logs


Operational Data

Real Time Tracking

Reports & Analysis

Risk Asessment


Static Information

Tactical Planning

Video Straming

On every stage
of an incident

IRIS Core is used right after the EMS is dispatched towards the scene of the incident until the very end of it. Our software supports front line commanders from the moment an emergency is reported to the post-incident evaluation.

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