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Enhancing Public Safety at Large Gatherings with Digital Incident Command

Digital incident command enhances public safety at large gatherings. In recent months we have seen many examples of civil protest and at times extreme unrest on the streets of cities across Europe. Whether a major protest march through a city centre, or a targeted disruptive civil action in multiple locations at once, these events require careful management to keep both the public and the responding officers safe.

📢 Complete, real-time situational awareness is critical to managing crowds, especially in these volatile environments where the risk of harm can escalate in seconds. It is essential that incident managers know where their people, vehicles, and equipment are and
can adapt their deployment or change strategy quickly when necessary.

A digital incident command system, like Unblur’s IRIS Core, ensures optimum coordination between all agencies involved in managing large crowds to effectively manage risks as they evolve. It captures data in real time, in a user-friendly interface that allows all the parties involved to have full situation awareness. They can make informed decisions and quickly input any new data, including deployment of resources, potential flashpoints and other risks.

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