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Gender Equality Tech Hub

In Unblur we follow and promote several values which help us achieve ambitious goals in a transparent and trusting environment of like-minded people.

Some of these values are Diversity and Equality, which means we value and respect female members equally, regardless of gender. Women take executive positions in our company and play significant roles in our brand awareness and growth.

In Barcelona, where our company is based, only 29% of women work in the digital sector, and women contracted ICT specialists represent 19.5% of the tech sector on average.

Unblur and 31 other technology companies, including Nestle IT HUB, Allianz Technology and PepsiCo, have committed to the equity of gender in the technological field to promote and develop concrete measures that reduce the gender gap in the sector. 

We have done so as part of the Gender Equality Tech Hub (GetHub), promoted by Barcelona City Council in conjunction with the technology school of women for reference women, and which has been deployed in the framework of the Measure
of Government BcnFemTech 2021-2023: for gender equity in the ICT sector.

Companies have committed to one set of objectives to be developed this 2022 with a minimum of three actions per company, some examples are:

– hiring more staff through services specialised in female talent; 
– inclusive and non-sexist communication guides, 
– gender data projects of the company; 
– incorporate female talent in order; 
– achieve parity between the technical and executive teams;
– incorporate the possibility that the entire staff can work remote during the first year of birth of their children; 
– support initiatives that enhance the presence of female referents; 
– prioritise the profiles of women who apply for the vacancies in the company and create a gender equity working group.

Unblur has committed to the following measures:
Gender Equality: we provide free period supplies to employees and give 2-3 days off without processing sick leave or attending medical centres. 

Parity compromise on technical and executive teams: we develop internal training programs and collaborate with organisations promoting female leadership. As well as implementing recruitment processes that take into account things such as “meritocracy” and/or education opportunities. 

Culture and awareness: we participate in external lectures, training and sharing information regarding inclusive language, sexist microaggressions, diversity and LGTBIQ+ matters. Furthermore, we are also working on developing content available for our employees, and partnerships that can guide us through this process. 

There is still a lot of work to be done in this field, but we hope that the contribution of all project participants will become noticeable very soon.

Can you share examples of initiatives done for gender equality in your organisation in the comments?
Do you know anyone who would like to partner? 

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July, 2022

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