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London Fire Brigade is going through a digital transformation

Unblur wins procurement contract to provide the London Fire Brigade with their Incident Command Operating System, IRIS Core.

Following a tendering process, Unblur has been awarded the contract to provide the London Fire Brigade with an Incident Command Operating System.

The directors of Unblur are delighted to announce a commercial agreement with London Fire Brigade for a ten-year contract to provide IRIS Core, as their incident command operating system to be used on their command units. Command Units are operational vehicles which contain a large working area, computers, and communications equipment and help the Brigade manage incidents.

This marks an important era for Unblur, with IRIS Core already in use within three other UK fire and rescue services, and a key alliance with the Fire Service College for the training of all IC level courses, local and international.

London Fire Brigade’s Assistant Commissioner Dominic Ellis said: “Following a competitive tender process, we’re looking forward to developing our partnership with Unblur to help improve information-gathering and assist incident commanders to make informed decisions to help save lives and protect property.”

Alfonso Zamarro Junquera 洪泽 , CEO and Co-founder of Unblur said: “Unblur is looking forward to a highly productive collaboration with London Fire Brigade with our partnership already off to a flying start. Our commitment is not only to better serve our clients but to ensure we are a key player in the digitalization of Fire Services by keeping our technology up to the challenges they face”.

The integration and usage of Unblurs Incident Command software, IRIS Core, embedded in the Brigade’s command units will enhance situational awareness by allowing Incident Commanders and multi-agency partners involved to have a real-time view of the incident and its evolution, directly enhancing situational awareness.

The acquisition of Unblurs Incident Command software is part of the LFB ICOS project to bring digital transformation into the fireground.

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Jun, 2022

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