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London Fire Brigade training by Unblur

In conditions of record heat temperatures in July 2022, Unblur´s team did an initial training of our incident command software IRIS Core to the London Fire Brigade commanders and support managers.

The training was a part of the integration, testing and implementation process, which will help LFB’s existing command unit staff use IRIS Core confidently and independently.

Training participants practised several types of incidents, simulations, closing/opening logs, reopening incidents, post-incident timelines, and used the Incident Command tools, like National Operational Guidance, Risk assessment tools, Jesip dashboard, and Fire Survival Guidance. To reach the maximum effectiveness of the training, we made 2 focus groups of end-users and ran dynamics, which allow setting the base for the final icon and symbols selection that will be used on the LFB.

After the simulation, to ensure that firefighters are fully trained, we collected feedback through anonymous surveys and presented the dynamic conclusion report of both groups.

The following steps of implementation include digital transformation facilitation workshops, and exercises, which will be held in Fire and Rescue stations. Operational staff will train to collect real-time data and make decisions on the incident with the support of the Unblur team.

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August, 2022

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